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Fuel Management

Take Back Control

The cost of doing business within the Transportation Industry has increased dramatically over the past few years due to external market conditions.

Fuel accounts for 40% – 60% of a fleet’s total operating cost and until now there was no way to accurately and consistently manage & calculate true fuel usage.

Take back control to ensure your operations remain profitable via the Ctrack Fuel Solution which gives you eyes in the tank, providing insights on operational efficiency.


  • Physical in-tank solution via fuel sensor
  • Live monitoring of fuel consumption & levels
  • Real time fuel analytics for business insights


DriverID Driver Identification & Driving Behavior Monitoring

• Breathalyser
• Handbrake
• Seatbelt

Driver-Mobi Driver Mobi
App allowing drivers to view their driver behaviour scores, set journeys as business or private mileage and also conduct vehicle checks.
Remote Door
Unlocking with door open / close sensor
DriverID Driver Display Unit

• Job Dispatch &
• Navigation
• Messaging
• DBI Display (Driving
• Behaviour Interface)
• Front facing camera (device dependent)

adas ADAS
• Advanced Driver
• Assistance System
Engine performance Engine Performance Monitoring
(RPM & Idling)
Iris Camera Solution Iris Camera Solution
Front-Side-Back Camera Options



Probe installation hardware, tools and consumables
Quality tools ensures quality workmanship. Every installation is meticulously planned and executed!

sealant (Custom) Apply sealant on the probe flange
seal (Custom) Seal probe head with security seal
Security seals are used to provide an extra layer of security
probe-height (Custom)

Mark probe height
Every capacitive fuel sensor is customised to the tank it’s being installed in!

tank-centerblue Find centre of the tank
Placement of the capacitive fuel sensor is paramount to ensure trustworthy data.
CalibSoft (Custom) Calibration Software
Specialised software is utilized for pinpoint accuracy during the calibration process!

Connect all cables to the control module
All wiring are connected to OEM specified standards and connection points ensuring all warranties remain intact!

Calibsans (Custom)

Calibration is done with a Sans Beaker
Specialised equipment individually verified by CSIR ensures alignment to SANS standards Quality control and data verification. Every milliliter counts!

drill (Custom) Drill hole in the centre of the tank
Craftmanship gained from many hours of training ensures the right fit every time!


Key Fuel Solution Elements

Fuel Decreases Due to Theft

Filling Station Fuel Slips Recon

Driver Behaviour

Driver Culture Change

Overall Revenue Savings

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