The Power to Predict
using Crystal Video.


The Power to Predict
using Crystal Video.

At Ctrack, we’ve always maintained that fostering a culture of safety is a key factor to driving brilliant business. Afterall, there is no doubt that safety and profitability go hand in hand.

The goal with our technology has always been focused on reducing risk, improving efficiency, and avoiding incidents at all costs; whether that’s behind the wheel, on a construction site or due to a failure in compliance – all of which are preventable with the correct systems in place. Our advanced Camera and Video Technology, Ctrack Iris now effortlessly delivers on exactly that and so much more within Crystal Video.

A Clear View of your operations.

When you need to be closer to the action for an instant live feed of a stationary asset or the view from inside a vehicle on the move and the person operating it. With Crystal Video you will never again be left in the dark when it comes to what’s really happening, right now. Smarter Technology gives you the confidence to have eyes everywhere, accessible from any smart device at any given time.

Smarter technology for uninterrupted live visibility

Get eyes on the road and in the cabin

Remote access to always have visibility, regardless of the distance

Small cameras for big operational value

The Power to Predict


Keep all eyes on the road to reduce risk and liability.

Crystal Video can be used as your eyes out on the road, to monitor driver behaviour and stop potentially hazardous activities from happening. Use Crystal to tap into a live feed from the cab, and be made aware of distracted driving, speeding, or aggressive manoeuvres. This information can be used to correct those actions and improve on them through driver training, reducing accidents, lowering insurance costs and increasing safety on the roads; not to mention sparing a business of the potential risk and liability. Cameras and video also provide invaluable evidence in the event of an accident, helping to determine true fault and liability. This simple addition to your Fleet Management system can eliminate costly disputes and help to ensure that justice is served.


Monitor your operations from a distance.

You’re not always near to where your assets are, but Crystal Video can bring them as close as the palm of your hand. With remote monitoring, cameras and video can provide live access to equipment or locations, allowing you to monitor operations from a distance, specifically if they’re items of value that are at risk of being stolen. Keep the right people in and wrong people out, with zone management and remote access control. Monitor the movement of goods and cargo and check in at any time for a real time view of what’s important to you. Crystal Video can provide alerts and live video, allowing you to activate emergency response plans, should anything out of the ordinary be detected, well in advance.


Smarter video technology that works for smarter businesses.

Having access to a real time feed accessible from anywhere, can give you a true account of what’s really happening on a practical level. When combining this with Crystal Reporting and Forecasting, inefficiencies can be addressed and data driven decisions can be made to increase efficiency, cut on wastage and curb on expenditure. Your customers can benefit from Crystal Video too when you share real-time updates on delivery status and an early warning if any disruptions are encountered along the way. Compliance to regulations is made hassle free when camera a video footage is instantly retrievable for transparent and irrefutable reporting.


Camera & Video Technology Brochure.

Telematics cameras are a game-changer when it comes to keeping an eye on your vehicles and drivers. These cameras bring together top-notch technology with advanced telematics capabilities, giving you a complete picture of what’s happening both inside and outside the vehicle in real-time. With Ctrack Iris Dashcam & ADAS integration, you get all the features you need to enhance safety, boost efficiency, and manage your fleet effectively. It’s like having an extra set of eyes on the road, constantly monitoring for driver behaviour, road incidents, and even the status of your cargo.

Crystal by Ctrack makes it even easier by bringing all these features together on one user-friendly platform. It’s totally customisable so that you have sight of everything, or the only thing that’s important to you.

Optimize your business and operations with the power to predict. Speak to one of our specialists, today.