The Power to Predict
for saver driving.


The Power to Predict
for saver driving.

At Ctrack, we believe that fostering a culture of safety is a key factor that drives brilliant business. We are dedicated to keeping your vehicles and your drivers, as safe as possible and achieve optimal performance.

Gathering hard data through Telematics is one thing, but being able to pick up on more subtle human queues and changes in behaviour empowers a Fleet Manager to potentially act, before you are forced to react. Crystal offers a host of Driver Management features, designed to deliver on the Ctrack belief that every vehicle and every driver return without incident. Afterall, there’s no doubt that safety and profitability go hand in hand. With Crystal, you have the Power To Predict, for the peace of mind to keep your vehicles, drivers and customers safe.

With Crystal insights become foresight to get more
out of your driver for improved safety and performance.

Tracking and reporting to keep your eyes on more than just the road

In-cab coaching and alerts for better driving

Corrective Driver Training for improve efficiencies

The Power to Predict


See what is happening behind the wheel and on the road.

In a busy day where multiple vehicles and drivers are out on the road, it can be an impossible task to keep tabs on everything, all the time. Crystal offers real time tracking of vehicles and drivers, and not just the routes and positions, but a deeper view of what’s happening behind the wheel. Telematics gives you sight of the speed and takes it a step further to give real time info on harsh braking, rapid acceleration and any unsafe practices that may require corrective action, in advance. Set your own parameters and limits to ensure compliance and let Crystal be your eyes on the road, wherever the day takes you.


Better driving means you get more out of every route.

Now that the safety of the assets and operators are taken care of, you’ll want to get the most out of every route over every kilometre. Crystal offers advanced Driver Performance Analytics for detailed driver and operational performance, en route. Get an instant view of the current trip duration of any vehicle, how long it’s been idling, the fuel consumption and anything that will affect the profitability of the operation. Improvement is always the goal, and Crystal provides easy to understand reports to empower Fleet Managers to make informed calls on what can be done to reduce costs and improve output.


Preventing bad moves from becoming bad habits.

Real time tracking on what your driver is doing right now is important in it’s own right, but being able to correct what’s happening behind the wheel in real time, is where true value is delivered. Crystal has the ability, through Telematics and tactical feedback, to provide In-Cab Coaching to your drivers. Your drivers will be alerted in the moment, if any pre set parameters are being overstepped, which can be corrected immediately. This type of coaching prevents one bad move turning into a long term bad habit. And if the Crystal reporting indicates that more intensive corrections are required, then the Driver Training Programs can be used to develop customized guidance based based on unique driver performance data. It’s just another way that Crystal provides insights to improve safety and reduce incidents on the road to driving the bottom line.

Optimize your business and operations with the power to predict. Speak to one of our specialists, today.