Inaugural Ctrack Sustainable Mobility Hackathon

Ctrack is proud to partner with the CortexHub, Inq and Arm Engage, to cultivate digital innovation among South Africa’s youth. South Africa needs to strengthen its position in the global digital economy and sees a ‘Hackathon’ as an exciting vehicle to drive this initiative. A Hackathon is a social coding event that brings computer programmers and other interested people together to improve upon or build a new software program.

The inaugural ‘Ctrack Sustainable Mobility Hackathon 2022’ was held in East London between the 18th and 21st of November 2022. This Hackathon aimed to encourage ICT Engineers and enthusiasts to think about the future of Green Mobility and align their solutions to the global Sustainable Mobility efforts.

145 entrants assembled 20 teams and worked long hours, fueled by passion and pizza to compete for the title and prize money. The teams were assisted by hand-picked mentors to deliver the best possible product.

The event concluded at the 16th annual ICT summit on 23 November where “The Automated Elite” was crowned as the winning team for their Anti-theft system, created to prevent unauthorized activity on Edge Impulse and Arduino platforms. This solution aims to prevent copper wire theft on farms and includes face detection, motion sensors, a real-time location system and a global positioning system.

The top-performing teams will be mentored beyond the event on the possibilities of taking their creations further and seeking out business opportunities for them.

Ctrack wants to thank all involved in making this event a great success, we look forward to more data and 4IR-driven events in the future, especially those that will positively impact the employability of South Africa's youth.