Ctrack Partners with Hollard Highway Heroes

Ctrack Partners with Hollard Highway Heroes

Ctrack have partnered with Hollard as they aim to increase road safety in South Africa through the 2023 Hollard Highway Heroes competition. The competition aims to identify and rewards SAs best truck and bus drivers. Thanks to Ctrack’s advanced fleet management solution drivers can now be judged on how they really drive in the real world.

Hollard Highway Heroes is a competition run to identify and reward the best truck and bus drivers in South Africa. The competition has grown significantly in its eight-year history and in 2023, it is expected that as many as 10 000 truck and bus drivers will enter. This year, for the first time, the competition welcomes all truck and bus fleets, not only those insured by Hollard.

Ctrack have a well-developed suite of fleet management solutions that can be used to train and safekeep drivers. This technology fits in perfectly with the aim of the Hollard Highway Heroes and allows for drivers to be monitored on data captured as they go about their daily tasks over a period of time.

In South Africa the majority of freight is transported by road and unfortunately deadly road crashes, many of them involving commercial vehicles cost the country billions of rands as well as the devastating loss of life. The main aim of the Hollard Highway Heroes is to get goods and people safely to their destinations and in doing so promote overall road safety.

Better driving reduces risk, reduces road-accident claims and fatalities and leads to safer roads. Hollard has found that participation in Highway Heroes requires drivers to internalise good driving habits but not only do participants improve their driving during the competition, but they also continue to drive that way long after the competition has ended. This results in lower fuel and maintenance costs as well as fewer accidents and insurance claims.

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This year’s competition is in part sponsored by Ctrack, who will play a vital role in the actual mechanics of the competition. Using telematics all competitors will be tracked for speeding, fatigue, total distance travelled during the day and at night, as well as including excessive braking during the second phase of the competition. The ratio between kilometres travelled with the least dangerous driving events is deemed good driving.

After the first monitoring phase, the best 50 truck drivers and 20 bus drivers will progress to a second round where all vehicles will be fitted with identical Ctrack tracking devices to ensure a level playing field. All driving will be monitored by both Ctrack’s bureau services and Hollard’s high risk bureau services.

“Ctrack believe in the ethos of the Hollard Highways competition as it creates better futures for prize winners and results in less accidents and better driving which save fleet owners costs both in terms of reducing accidents and maintenance costs and also very importantly contributing to overall improvements in road safety,” says Hein Jordt, Chief Executive Officer of Ctrack Africa.

In the trucking category five winners will win R50 000 each while the overall winner will walk away with R150 000. There are no category winners in the bus category, but the overall winner will be rewarded with R100 000.

“This competition is a unique opportunity for Ctrack to showcase the capabilities of our fleet management solutions and its advantages for both drivers and fleet managers, while at the same time creating a level playing field on which SA’s best drivers can be crowned,” concludes Jordt.

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