Ctrack Crystal

Ctrack enhances functionality of Crystal fleet management platform.

Ctrack Crystal is an all-encompassing, customisable fleet monitoring platform that places ease of use at its core. As part of its latest update, Ctrack’s Crystal software has been refined with additional industry-defining functionality along with flexible and scalable AI software to assist with everyday business needs, all from one platform.

“Ctrack understands that the needs of our customers are always changing. Fortunately, since Crystal is cloud-based, it can be continually refined without any disruption to the daily functionality,” says Hein Jordt, Chief Executive Officer of Ctrack Africa.

The last-mile delivery industry has shown tremendous growth in the last three years with no signs of slowing down. The latest updates to Crystal are particularly attractive to this industry. Fleet managers can now assign jobs to drivers and provide them with details regarding pickup and delivery, such as address or specific instructions when they reach the location safely via the Crystal app.

Crystal now includes Electronic Proof of Delivery. It is fully customisable and could consist of digital documents such as an Invoice or a Delivery Note, ensuring peace of mind and a time-stamped record that packages arrived safely at their destination. This Sign-on Glass technology, along with the fact that you can always see exactly where drivers are, assists with making better business decisions and delivering on your promise to your clients.

New scheduling functionality allows for optimal use of resources and vehicles. Real-time data allows for visual comparison between planned and actual delivery and turnaround times, enabling fleet managers to continuously refine schedules due to unforeseen delays or traffic. Once on the road, this routing automatically adapts to changing conditions, assisting drivers in delivering safely and on time. Refuelling can be planned in such a way that the impact on the schedule is minimal, and drivers can easily be alerted should they need to deviate from the schedule, such as in emergency situations.

The driver app, which forms part of the Crystal offering, gives managers and drivers enhanced control of their daily activities using one single application that offers a myriad of functionality and allows for the safe navigation of their schedule and on-time status.

Clear communication with drivers ensures a smooth running operation. Now drivers can receive a job list and route guidance via the Crystal app. Sign-on-Glass technology with integrated Electronic Proof of Delivery ensures quick and efficient movement of goods to and from the vehicles, all within the same app

Further enhancements to “Crystal” also includes the addition of video monitoring straight from the “Crystal” platform, with the viewing and management of all of a fleet’s cameras in real-time. This technology enables fleet managers to see exactly what is happening in the cabin or load bay of any of their vehicles at any time.

User-friendly functionality includes a picture-in-picture option, downloadable video clips, SMILE script integration, Artificial Intellegence analysis of video feeds to create alerts, access to fleet video feeds from within a map view, date or location view as well as user defined video alerts such as harsh braking, G-Force, or speed limit transgressions.

“The ability to create and optimise jobs, monitor route adherence, view your fleet via video feed in real time, and capture electronic proof of delivery from one single platform allows for simple and efficient management of your entire fleet,” adds Jordt.

The customisation options and advanced functionality of Ctrack Crystal make it perfect for any business – no matter their size – that utilises movable assets to take control of their business operations and have access to data that assists them in making better decisions. Users can choose from a variety of functionality packages as their needs change.

With Crystal users can now ensure optimum fleet utilisation with daily productivity reports of the entire fleet displayed on the dashboard for easy success.

“Live data is crucial for the optimal running of any fleet operation, and a powerful user experience allows fleet managers to be more proactive. Real-time visibility of all assets via a digital dashboard ensures efficient management,” concludes Jordt.