Ctrack, a leading player in the telematics business, is transforming their business with the slogan ‘The Power to Predict’ at the nucleus of this new strategy as they look to meet their customers’ high demands in a changing and challenging environment.

Ctrack has a long history of market leadership in the telematics, fleet management and technology development that facilitated industry disruptions throughout their 38-year history. Highlights include developing the technology behind the first multi-box tracking unit in 1997, Discovery Insure’s usage-based insurance in 2011 and the launch of Crystal in 2022.

“With the emergence of big data, Ctrack realised that we needed to offer our clients solutions that allow them to utilise this data to their advantage in the most efficient way possible,” says Hein Jordt, Chief Executive Officer of Ctrack Africa.

Ctrack’s brand transformation reflect their commitment to providing cutting edge data and telematics solutions that stretch beyond traditional fleet management capabilities. Ctrack recognises the immense potential that lies within harnessing data to drive actionable intelligence and optimise business operations.

“This is more than a cosmetic change, it signifies Ctrack’s dedication to innovation and commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. The revamped brand reflects our belief in the transformative potential of data insights and predictive power,” adds Jordt.

The power to predict goes hand in hand with the core pillars that have always been the motivating factor for Ctrack’s ongoing research and development efforts as they aim to assist customers in reducing risk and minimising safety hazards, optimising fleet productivity and efficiency, improving asset management and tracking, managing and improving driver behaviour and automating and streamlining compliance. These pillars along with a sense of urgency has allowed Ctrack to develop flourishing long term business relationships.

The power to predict is possible thanks to Ctrack’s well-developed hardware and software solutions that give users the ability to know what is happening with their vehicles, drivers and cargo at any time of the day via a single platform.

That software solution is Crystal, an all-encompassing, cloud-based platform. Crystal is a single platform where AI telematics meets data intelligence and offers all the functionality that consumers have come to know and love in one location. The result is a business tool that offers so much more than simple reporting.
Live data allows fleet managers to keep their finger on the pulse of daily operations, and if there is anything out of the ordinary, they will have the foresight to act before they are forced to react.

Whether you are a small business owner with a single delivery vehicle or are managing a fleet of hundreds of trucks across the continent, you are guaranteed to move better when you have the power to predict

“We are passionate about empowering our clients using cutting-edge technologies to transform quality data into actionable insight and foresight that allows our customers to predict the future with certainty, optimise efficiencies and make informed decisions based on good quality data,” adds Jordt.

Crystal is fully customisable, so there’s no limit to what you can have sight of and keep tabs on. A multitude of data is collected, interpreted and packaged, allowing customers to make informed decisions and continuously refine their operations. With data and insights at their fingertips, Ctrack can predict scenarios and put measures into place to negotiate these situations as safely and efficiently as possible.

“Owners have less time to manage fleets, but Crystal allows them to do so much more and gain a deeper understanding of data, as well as clear predictions with a limited number of clicks,” says Jordt.

Crystal allows for job management, assigning tasks and planning routes in the most efficient manner. Alerts ensure that the right people are informed ahead of time, every time. At any point in the day, fleet managers can rely on a snapshot summary that gives them an instant view of crucial, relevant data in real-time. High-quality data is packaged in the simplest format possible, facilitating the reporting and insights that allow for swift, well-informed decision-making.

Crystal allows for the effortless scheduling of what needs to go where and when it needs to be there and ensures that it happens. The power to predict is beneficial to your clients too. Communication down the supply chain has been optimised with the addition of powerful modules such as ‘Electronic Proof of Delivery’, which ensures that all parties are automatically kept up to date with objective and transparent evidence that operational milestones are achieved, with the foresight to make changes ahead of time, if need be.

Users are now able to add camera and video technology to the Crystal suite, offering a live feed into the inside of the vehicle and of the person operating it, granting unprecedented insight into what is happening at that exact moment. Crystal video gives fleet managers eyes everywhere, accessible from any smart device at any given time, from one platform.

In addition, the Ctrack Bureau service facilitates the use of AI technology that works along with the camera systems to automate the process of identifying transgressions, significantly reducing the leg work required by fleet managers in managing driver behaviour more efficiently, with deeper insights that allow for better decisions in a tough trading environment.

Crystals scalability extends even further with SMART integrations, seamlessly connecting with third-party applications that cater to your specific industry needs. This includes activating bespoke SMILE scripts, monitoring trailers, implementing breathalysers or keeping an eye on temperature in the cold chain. Ctrack’s unique differentiators can be applied to any industry.

The flexibility of ‘Crystal Analytics’ means that users have all the functionality they want or only what they need. Users have the ability to add and customise modules according to their specific needs. Crystal will gather all the information required to equip you with the insights to make better business decisions. Crystal presents this information in a way that is easy to access, simple to understand and practical to apply.

“One single platform allows for the management of fleets as well as a wide variety of insights into how to improve. Crystal can predict what will happen based on previously captured historical data, ensuring optimal use of vehicles and limiting downtime by proactively taking action such as ordering parts or making workshop bookings,” adds Jordt.

The Crystal mobile app, available in both Google and Apple stores, completes the loop as it is designed to provide valuable information about daily operations in the simplest way possible and facilitate the optimal running of fleets and vehicles for both drivers and fleet managers.

“The power to predict’ vision relies on historical and predictive data to digitally transform our business to ensure that we are future-proof. With our wide variety of hardware solutions working in conjunction with Crystal, and our constant investment in research and development, we look forward to offering our customers world-class products for many more years to come,” concludes Jordt.