Key focus areas of Fleet & Asset Management

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Key focus areas - Fleet & Asset Management

Owning and operating vehicles efficiently – in any business – requires that the owner of the fleet has as much information about their performance as possible.

When combined with fleet industry benchmarks from Ctrack, far better operational decisions can be made, including when it’s optimal to replace one’s vehicles. Ctrack data also allows for the comparison of different vehicle types against each other and assists businesses of all sizes to budget their running costs more accurately.

Ctrack's total solution

Ctrack achieves a return on investment by consulting with fleet owners to implement a total solution that covers these five main fleet management areas. Only when fleets have an overview and sufficient insight into each of these areas, can they truly reduce the total costs inherent in their operations?

“The return on investment from implementing a holistic telematics system that is capable of capturing, measuring, and proactively identifying driver errors, as well as predicting possible accidents and even loss of life, cannot be emphasised enough,” explains Hein Jordt, MD of Ctrack South Africa.

“Ctrack’s total solution offerings for business fleets, transport operations and the warehousing and logistics industries are second to none. Our ultimate goal, to drive efficiencies and save costs has been proven time and again by the accolades given to us by our customers,” he adds.


Safety & Security


Dangerous driving is a major threat to your business. This element includes the safety, fatigue and rest times of your drivers. It also includes general vehicle security including, theft, hijackings, signal jamming, route adherence and area management.


Driving Behaviour

Cost Control

Driver behaviour out on the road has a big impact on your bottom line. Cost control provides insights into speeding, accidents, harsh braking and cornering, excessive idling, tacho analysis, and fuel monitoring so you can keep a lid on these costs.


Productivity & Efficiency

Fleet Utilisation

Business owners need to know how their vehicles are being used, not just how they are being driven. Ctrack provides you with odometer readings, vehicle operating hours, turnaround times, route adherence, auxiliary monitoring, and waypoints.


Control (Compliance)

Asset Control

As vehicles age, it becomes difficult to have a holistic view of their individual condition. But with Ctrack it is possible to receive daily health checks and odometer/hour meter readings. From here it becomes much easier to schedule vehicle maintenance, keep up with vehicle license renewals or perform accident analysis.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Operation Control

Keeping control of your vehicles becomes increasingly difficult as the fleet grows and your routes and schedules change. Ctrack tackles this complexity with productivity reports, route deviation details, time adherence insights and more.

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