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Ctrack Crystal Software

Mobile Application

Ctrack Bureau Service


Ctrack Crystal

Ctrack Crystal, innovation in the palm of your hands that generates precision data on operational vehicles and assets for quick and accurate decisions for your business. Read more


Mobile Application

Ctrack App allows you to monitor your vehicles from almost anywhere – using a smartphone or tablet.

It also allows drivers to manage themselves, see their own scores and driver behaviour on journeys. They can also submit their Business / Private mileage declarations and complete their vehicle checks.


Advanced Fleet Monitoring Software

Enables you to remotely monitor your vehicles from any computer with an internet connection.

It is a powerful, cloud-based fleet monitoring and management tool that combines advanced vehicle tracking with a sophisticated fleet analysis package.


Ctrack Fleet Analytics

Using rich fleet analytics and smart interpretation of data, Ctrack Fleet Analytics provides the information needed for critical decision making, from cost savings to future investments.


Iris Camera Solution

Front-Back-Side facing camera options with Web based & Desktop software platform with Mobile Phone App (Password secured).

  • Online View
  • Geofence / Point of Interest
  • Live Tracking & Video
  • Dashboard Event Management

Ctrack Bureau Service

Ctrack Bureau Service Reduce your administration efforts and outsource your Fleet reporting and Control to our 24/7/365 Service. More eyes on screen, saving you time and reduce risk.

Types of assets we can track


Light Duty Vehicles

Heavy Duty Vehicles



Dump Trucks


Fleet Analytics

Ctracks advanced analytics visually represents the big data your business generates every day. Experience your operation in new ways granting you the ability to isolate trends, detect risks and proactively act on areas requiring intervention.


Fleet Management

Rich functionality and detailed features gives you more than just a tracking solution. From service schedules to route management, Ctrack provides you with our experience in a software solution tailored to your operational needs.


Operator Management

Regulate which of your operators use different and specific assets in your business. Add an extra layer of security with operator identification and starter lockouts. Peace of mind is a click away.


Real-time Asset Monitoring

Visibility is everything. Providing full control over your assets in where they are, what they are doing and how to make use of them next, Ctrack solution can optimize productivity, increase efficiency and offers you security over your assets.uiring intervention.



Use our data to optimise your operation and implement changes/ additions to ensure costs are decreased while efficiencies increase. Reporting is a requirement that you will make use of frequently. We offer a wide variety of reports detailing every aspect of your operation predicatively and historical.


Task Management

Our Task management and navigation options make use of driver terminals or Ctrack Mobile App to ensure your business operates like never before. Now it is possible to automate previously time-consuming functions and increase efficiency in one simple solution.

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