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Inaugural Ctrack Sustainable Mobility Hackathon

December 5, 2022

Ctrack is proud to partner with the CortexHub, Inq and Arm Engage, to cultivate digital innovation among South Africa’s youth. South…

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Ctrack Support Amy Foundation

November 25, 2022

Only 43% of South African students who enter Grade 1 complete Grade 12. The Amy Foundation, formerly Amy Biehl Foundation, in…

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Ctrack Rally Sponsorship

Telematics sponsor of South African Rally Championship

November 21, 2022

The South African National Rally championship is one of the most demanding forms of motorsport and often occurs in remote areas.…

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Mining smartly with Ctrack’s bespoke solutions

November 3, 2022

As the mining industry has progressed, become more sophisticated, and more reliant on machinery, the need for precise control of moveable…

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Fuel siphoning and theft #BeyondTracking

October 31, 2022

Global factors have sent fuel prices skyrocketing, making it a precious and sought-after commodity. This, in turn, has sent criminality in…

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Vehicle inspection and maintenance #BeyondTracking

October 28, 2022

The condition and maintenance of a vehicle is a significant contributor to fuel consumption. Conducting periodic maintenance ensures that the vehicle…

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Speed control and driver behaviour #BeyondTracking

October 24, 2022

The way fleet vehicles are used has a massive effect on the bottom line, and the drivers of these vehicles play…

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Route planning and optimisation #BeyondTracking

October 19, 2022

Vehicle telematics began with the basic ability to track vehicles only, and has progressed at a rapid rate, to a point…

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The effect of telematics on fleet fuel usage #BeyondTracking

October 13, 2022

Fleet management originated with the ability to track vehicles and has progressed at a rapid rate over the years. In addition…

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Celebrating Transport Month

October 5, 2022

In October South Africa celebrates Transport Month. This annual government initiative, declared in 2005 during the Transport Legotla, focus on the…

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