How Ctrack Personal Vehicle Tracking and Stolen Vehicle Response can benefit you

Keeps my Family Safe

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 Whether you need a basic vehicle tracking solution with stolen vehicle response for insurance purposes, or something more advanced to keep your family safe and secure, Ctrack has you covered with our range of products.


“I want added safety and security for my family”

Ctrack Secure is our advanced vehicle tracking system backed by our stolen vehicle response services. Included is the ability to view your vehicle’s status, movements and trips on any of your devices in real time, as well as an electronic logbook, no-go area alerts, and many other features to ensure the safety and security of your family.


“I want insurance savings and some extra features”

Product only available as backup unit, and if the Secure has been installed int he same vehicle.

SECURE Includes the following benefits

BACKUP includes the following benefits

Our Advanced Protector and Fleet Protector products are supported by Loyalty Life (Pty) Ltd is a juristic representative of Loyalty Life Management Services (Pty) Ltd an Authorised Financial Services Provider FSP 46160. Underwriting agency for GENRIC Insurance Company Limited. Genric Insurance Company Limited is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP43638) and is a registered non-life insurer.

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