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Ctrack's all new, ultra compact wireless asset tracking device.

Ctrack Asset Tracking Solutions

This rugged, cellular GPS tracking device is designed for tracking non-powered, exposed assets where super-long battery life is essential.

Key Features

fleet_round_icons-09-01 Wireless
compact Ultra compact
vehicle and fleet tracking Adaptive tracking
in cab device No install required, simply“place ‘n trace”
engine performance monitoring Rugged, robust and low profile
Battery powered: Off-the-shelf, Lithium AA batteries
iris_round_icons-08-01 Battery status and low battery alert
fleet_round_icons-08-01 Configurable reporting intervals
Fuel_round_icon_blue-02 Integrated accelerometer
Non-powered asset tracking
asset_round_icons_blue-03 Water and dust proof
mining_round_icon_process_blue-04 Up to 4 years once daily location and Up to 1 year detailed visibility

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Ctrack Software Solutions

This ultra-compact GPS tracking device, which is wireless and rechargeable, is designed to track high value parcels, cargo, and other valuable assets where the battery life is managed by the frequency of updates and performance settings.

Ctrack BX 500 asset tracking Solution

Realtime Visibility Software

drive Mobi

Mobile Application

Ctrack App allows you to monitor your vehicles from almost anywhere – using a smartphone or tablet.

It also allows you to access the following: Driver Score, Driver Trips, Vehicle Checks & Business / Private Mileage Report.


Advanced Fleet Monitoring Software

Enables you to remotely monitor your vehicles from any computer with an internet connection.

It is a powerful, cloud-based fleet monitoring and management tool that combines advanced vehicle tracking with a sophisticated fleet analysis package.

Ctrack Fleet Analytics

Ctrack Fleet Analytics

Using rich fleet analytics and smart interpretation of data, Ctrack Fleet Analytics provides the information needed for critical decision making, from cost savings to future investments.

Ctrack BX 500 Solution

Take control with reputable
rechargeable batteries
unauth2 Monitor valuable cargo to
avoid theft by setting your own updates rates
fleetloadcircle Packed into a compact housing made of ABS/Polycarbonate plastic.
map-circle Accelerometer and GPS data used intelligently to detect movement and send live updates.
asset_round_icons_white-04 Batteries could last up to 4 years with 1 daily update.
Fuel_round_icon_white-03 Be in control to every aspect of your business by knowing where your assets are.

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BX Range tested in the Sasol Solar Challenge 2018

  • Sasol Solar Challenge 2018
  • 13 units on solar vehicles
  • 7 days, 4500km on a single charge
  • Support vehicle – from 20 Sep 2018 – 134 hours of driving. Now at 20% battery capacity
  • Ctrack technician vehicle @ 5min positions and every 2nd position send – 192hours of driving.
  • Mine vehicle (BX500) @ 5 min positions and every 2nd position send – 180 hours of working

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