Airport Solutions

Need to keep track of your airport support equipment?

At Ctrack we pride ourselves on Excellent Customer Service
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Airport Solutions

Need to keep track of your airport support equipment?

At Ctrack we pride ourselves on Excellent Customer Service
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The Challenge

GSE owners and service providers need to keep track of their equipment and the utilisation thereof in order to meet airport authority requirements and manage and control their own operations.

Understanding the operational hours of equipment inclusive of the time stamps and geo-location is key to realising operational efficiency improvements. Keeping track of machine operational hours furthermore allows for maintenance intervals to be predicated and scheduled so as to avoid service disruptions. GSE service providers are not only looking for historical reports for real-time usage, but also need to create predictive usage models for their equipment.

Workplace incidents are also a challenge, as any increase in handling volume is usually followed by an increase in these type of incidents. GSE service providers need better asset monitoring and management to reduce the number of workplace incidents and enhance the overall safety of their personnel. With historical reports, debriefings on safety events can be properly backed up.


Your Airport Support Equipment has never been this visible.

Over the past two decades, security has become an increasing concern for airports around the world, with new levels of security being continually deployed.

With this, greater attention is now being given to the access and control surrounding the equipment of airport service providers. With a few exceptions, ground support equipment (GSE) owners and service providers do not have access control systems in place for the operation of their equipment and machinery.

The deployment of airport equipment management solutions is fast becoming a necessity, not only for airport safety, but for the operational benefit of GSE owners and service providers.

Furthermore, an increasing number of airport authorities now require GSE service providers to make available equipment usage and access control reports. In the presence of a security escalation, they need to give the real-time geo-location of all their equipment.

Introducing Ctrack’s Airport Solution

Ctrack’s Airport Solution gives GSE service providers a GPS-based airport equipment management solution that provides controlled access to their equipment as well as real-time visibility through a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

Through this solution, they are able to meet the demands of airport authorities while improving their service to their clients, the air service providers. These clients are often sophisticated organisations including logistic companies, passenger, baggage handlers and maintenance and catering providers. They expect high accuracy in administrative processes, as well as the ability to select additional services such as visibility of equipment usage, access control and geo-location.

With a planning and visibility tool, GSE service providers always know who is using what, when and where. It gives them the ability to provide exact invoices based on the usage per client, per cost centre and even per individual. This saves time on administrative tasks that were historically carried out manually.

The Airport Solution Includes:

  • Ctrack Fleet Management Solution
  • Access Control Airport Software
  • Standard & Ruggedised RFID Reader
  • Remote Immobiliser
  • Battery Control System
  • Fuel Management System
  • API with Billing Engine

Cellular modules are used to transmit data from anywhere for a truly untethered connection to all vehicles and assets.

This allows communication of vital statistics from the asset, as well as control over asset functionality.

Carrier networks extend to all parts of the airport, which allow for constant monitoring and control.

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"Ensures a safer fleet
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Fuel costs

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Types of assets we can track

Motorised and non-motorised assets

Ctrack’s Airport Solution has been developed to include motorised equipment and assets, such as power units, tugs and tractors, as well as non-motorised GSE such as passenger-, crew- and engineer stairs. This holistic solution has been achieved by partnering with GSEtrack to provide the non-motorised component of the solution.

GSEtrack uses advanced radio frequency (RF) technology, and does not require any network installation or communication costs.

The combination is a truly unique embedded solution, which provides GSE service providers visibility of motorised and non-motorised equipment and assets on one front-end SaaS platform. This can be accessed by laptop or computer, as well as through a mobile app on site.

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