Ctrack’s agri solutions help farmers save on costs and improve performance through better planning and decision making regardless of crop type, farm or fleet size. By providing critical information about your equipment, you can efficiently manage your assets, time and money investment. Our suite of GPS tracking devices are built for the often rough and remote conditions in South Africa so you can rest assured that your agricultural equipment will always be properly monitored.


EFFICIENTLY TRACE EQUIPMENTIncrease your operations efficiency by utilizingGPS-based systems to more efficiently locate andretrieve assets.OPERATIONAL COST MANAGEMENTWith real time visibility, proactive notifications,infographic for accurate and decisive decision making,means an optimised and efficient asset utilisation.EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCEThrough detailed reports, you can see how yourmachinery is being used and schedule maintenancevia proactive notifications and reports.GEO LOCATE POINTS OF INTERESTBy creating virtual fences around areas of youroperation, you can be advised when your assetsenter, leave or stay at these locations. EQUIPMENT RECOVERYWe provide real-time data that covers not only the dateand time of removal, but also where the equipment wastaken (even outside the borders of South Africa.)

Real–Time Visibility Software

Mobile Application – Mobi

Ctrack Mobi is a web-based application that allows you to monitor your vehicles from almost anywhere – using a smartphone or tablet.


Web based Vehicle Tracking – Online

Ctrack Online is a web-based application that enables you to remotely monitor your vehicles from any computer with an internet connection.

Ctrack Means Visibility

Ctrack’s Agri solution allows you to gain visibility of:

  • Machine usage (operating hours)
  • Pattern of use (direction when used)
  • Machine distance (kilometers)
  • Service schedules
  • Integrated peripherals

The Ctrack Agri Solution can be configured with various types of hardware and software platforms that will suit your specific needs and budget. Intelligent configuration allows extreme granular reporting to provide the data required.

Visual Representation

By using the Ctrack Online application it is easy and clear to see where, when, how and for how long the asset has been used.

Usage overlaid on a satellite image (Replay)

Plough your farmland and harvest the rewards of your hard earned labour to it’s full potential with Ctrack Agri Solution.

Wireless Solutions

Ctrack offers you the option of a wireless, mobile, compact and rechargeable solution, ensuring you have the freedom to monitor various assets, with one tracking unit, when and where you need it.



Ctrack’s Agri solution offers the following additional benefits and features for your operation:

  • Get a real-time alert should the asset leave the preferred area (geo zones);
  • Location management and assets associated with them. (Points of Interest);
  • A graphical representation of asset activity in real-time (Live Productivity Dashboard);
  • Live tracking and real-time alerts for proactive asset management;
  • Potential asset theft or tampering alerts in real time;
  • A mobile application where asset inspection checks can be submitted electronically;
  • Fleet and asset activity visible from your mobile device, even whilst on holiday.