The Power To Predict to optimize
your business operations.


The Power To Predict to optimize your business operations.

Running your own business means that you’re involved with every aspect of it. There’s no sick days when you’re wearing many hats and there’s no such thing as “that’s not my job.” It takes dedication and sacrifice so there isn’t extra time in the day to be worrying about the technicalities of Fleet Tracking, Asset Monitoring and Reporting on Staff activities. That’s why we’ve simplified everything in our worlds, to better fit into yours.

Your unique operation, your unique Crystal solution

No two business operations are the same, which is why we don’t offer anything off-the-shelf. The Power To Predict let’s you know what’s happening right now at your fingertips, in real time from one platform. You can keep an eye on what you need to know, when you need to know it and if there’s anything out of the ordinary, you’ll have the foresight to act before you’re forced to react. If you want to experience the full extent of how our powerfully simple Crystal solution.

The Power to Predict

How Crystal by Ctrack can help
improve your operational efficiencies and performance.

Simple, Automated & Hassle Free

All Eyes On Fleet & Equipment

Decisions That Drive Growth

Real Value For Customer Excellence


Your unique challenges. Your unique solution.

You’re an expert in your own field and your energy needs to go into keeping the wheels of your business turning. No two businesses are the same and yours has it’s own unique set of daily challenges that keep you on your toes. We get that, which is why we spend the time to understand what’s important in your world, so that when we partner with you, you have the confidence to know that you’re got everything you need and nothing you don’t. With Crystal, you get one single platform, accessible from anywhere, integrating into all your departments, providing real insights on all the moving parts of the operation in real-time. We’ll get you trained up and comfortable, with the peace of mind that our support is never far away if you need it. Our system is also modular, so you can expand on it with whatever you like, whenever you like, or scale it down with minimal fuss, if anything in your business changes – and it will.


Avoiding business unusual with the Power To Predict.

Time is money and you can’t be wasting it on anything that doesn’t drive the bottom line. Crystal gives you the ability to keep tabs on what matters to you, wherever you find yourself in your busy day. Check-in at any time to see where a delivery vehicle has been, what your people are busy with right now and get that all important heads-up if it looks like something out of the ordinary is about to happen. The Power to Predict means you have time to act, before you need to react, so you can spend more time working on your business, while we focus on keeping you one step ahead of it.


Decisions that drive growth.

Crystal is designed to provide valuable information about your operation in the simplest way possible, so that you can make the kind of calls that keep driving the bottom line. But return on investment and the ability to grow isn’t just about productivity and output, sometimes it comes down to how well your customers are looked after, too. Because Crystal offers the Power to Predict, you can pass this value on down the chain, so that your customers benefit from it, too. Having a clear view of everything going on means your customers can be kept in the loop as well, with the benefit of foresight over hindsight, building relationships and trust for the long hual.


Get the most out of your drivers.

In a busy day where multiple vehicles and drivers are out on the road, it can be an impossible task to keep tabs on everything, all the time. Crystal offers advanced Driver Performance Analytics for detailed driver and operational performance, en route. Drivers have the convenience of conducting pre-vehicle inspections by uploading photos onto the Crystal app. Drivers can actively monitor their own performance, thanks to real-time scoring across a range of parameters. This and many more functionalities gives you a powerful way to encourage continuous improvement and maintain a high standard of driving.

Optimize your business and operations with the power to predict. Speak to one of our specialists, today.