Our Vision

Always Visible

Ctrack’s brand promise is to keep your assets and operations always visible – giving you easily accessible, real-time information to enhance your business and deliver a strong return on investment.

Ctrack’s culture and values underpin this promise across the global business.

Customer First

We endeavour to exceed our customers’ expectations by fulfilling their needs to the best of our ability.


We innovate, grow and prosper by identifying unique ideas that create new value for our customers and across the workplace.


We act with integrity at all times, maintain a high standard of ethics in all our business dealings, and nurture mutual trust.


As a team, we ensure the superior quality of our products and services through meticulous planning and attention to detail.

Sense of Urgency

We accept accountability and act with a high sense of urgency without sacrificing quality. We prioritise and commit so we can effectively execute on key initiatives.


About Ctrack

Ctrack offers a wide range of solutions to support your business and its connected vehicles and assets.

why choose ctrack

Why Choose Ctrack

Committed to supporting your business on and off the road.

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